Inevitably, we make friends and acquaintances in life. This is not that list. This is a list of fiends that I know from various and sundry venues. A list of my friends would be far too incomplete to show here.

Fiends I know from Stony Brook

Erik Soto is my more patient, sane, creative and pure half. I married him on May 5, 2001. Click on his name to see some of his incredible artwork. We're currently in the process of organizing our campaign for "Erik For Pope". Stay tuned.

Jill Rappaport, also called "mom" is a forumite-in-exile. I got her into mushing and gaming and she still deigns to speak to me. Clearly, a fiend of the highest caliber.

John "Skippy" Reddy told me that I should write something about him because it's my page and he wouldn't give me text. This from the man who introduces me as "the Experiment"... poor fool. He's trekked off to join the Technocracy in DC and I wish him the best of luck.

Brian "Bri(tm)" Wrynn, Jr is a trademarked institution. I like Bri. When he speaks, I try to shut up and listen, because on more than a random occasion I've learned something about him, the world, or myself, or sometimes all 3 at once.

Aakin Patel firmly believes in power through misinformation. Check out his site for the latest and greatest in bogus weekly news.

Joe Fong told me to use the force to pass economics. He's a paladin and I pray that the forces of evil lurking in the house don't corrupt him too badly.

Brian "Squad Boy" Cooper looks a lot like Erik. The second member of the not of 2 set and my C.O. in H3S. I will always listen to Brian. I will never doubt Brian again....this mantra really scares Bethany.

Liz Reinhart is, technically, Brian Cooper's girlfriend, but I feel like I should say a lot more about her than that. She's not half as innocent as she looks and I admire that she's sticking to her guns in the face of great opposition.

Jason "GayJay" Schneiderman is another one of the "set" of guys all resembling my husband. It's spooky, really. He's got a strange fascination with leeches, and we hope he's having fun poking at astronaut's noses or somesuch.

Kerry Skadl got me into I-Con and House Three Skulls. My partner in crimes of overinvolvement and overextension.

Kevin Donnelly reminded me that it is not /if/ you will rage; it is /when/ and lots of other things.

Fiends I know from Online/Internet

Fred Montgomery is my closest friend from just being online. My life would be less rich without him.

Deborah Lupo is now Deborah Donoghue. Deborah is self-described as being "difficult, poorly behaved, and has a very hard time Doing The Right Thing." She likes strawberries, truffles, and small admiring noises. She routinely makes and executes lists with items like "wrestle 2 ton shark" and "world domination" in between slaying telco's and being Righteously Indignant on your behalf. The problem with this description, according to Ariel, is "because it leaves out how selfless [she is] for other people, and how the self description of being incredibly spoiled is simply a shallow facade for a very giving person. Although it does convey Steamroller quite nicely".

Gwen Morse is Erik's adopted sister and a superwoman when it comes to research and thorough treatment of a topic. I've linked in her celtic garb page. Go there. Marvel.

Jacob Haldeman was my boss/wizard on Miami by Night. He sends the neatest birthday cards and does really awesome artwork.

K.Kirk Hausman knows a scary amount of information about life, the universe and reality in general. He really, really needs to get more sleep.

Fiends I know from SCA/House Three Skulls

Turk is the fearless leader of *sigh* THOSE people. He's got a small army that will follow him to the ends of the earth if he asked, but he's generally cool enough not to ask.

Bethany Wolfson is Erik's Best friend, though I got to know her best at Pennsic 28. She's proposed that I could bite the head off a live rhinocerous, if properly motivated, a quote which has gone on to shape my image quite extensively.

Ralph C. Lacy IV is the reason that Bethany up and moved out to California. We're reasonably sure that he's my cousin's cousin, making him absolutely nothing in particular to me, but really massively neat nonetheless. He is proof that the world is a very, very small place and that luck is what you make of it.

Jason Rosenberg is an Elf. Rather, he's "Elf". He brews, does leatherwork, builds semi-permanent fixtures at the War on a whim, and has the incredibly good sense to be engaged to Elissa.

Matthias Bonnici is an angel and a space marine. He would travel to the ends of the earth on behalf of his friends for the exclusive rights to pulverizing into sub-atomic dust any foe that might oppose you.

I have almost certainly forgotten someone. Whine at me and I'll add you.

Copyright 2000 Lisa Hirschorn