Multi User Shared Hallucination

This used to be a description of the precise nature and function of a MUSH. It's not anymore. I figure that if you're on this site, there's a good chance you know me. And if you know me, then you probably know what a MUSH is.

I'm not really roleplaying online much anymore lately, between sewing, SCA, wedding, and banging on the PCs in the house, but I can usually be found all day, 8 hours a day, at Miami By Night. I'm normally on as my staff character, jack-of-all-admins Wizard-Of-None, Callisto.

I occasionally still RP my character, Morgan. If you want to know more about Morgan, you can go to the Indescribable Oneness Of Being Morgan HomePage. Mainly, though, it's just naughty pictures of her. I will be getting some real content up there Real Soon Now(tm).

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