Obviously, no self-respecting vain and self-centered homepage would be complete without images of myself, my friends, my family, my computer and my car. So, here is the obligatory pictures page.

An artistic picture of my husband, Erik. He drew on the walls in his old bedroom with oil pastel.

This used to be my truck, a 1985 Chevy S-10 Blazer. The headgasket went on it last October, 1999. I grieved.

This is an old, crummy picture of my sister Diane and my brother, Paul.

And another of Erik and Diane.

Jordan said he wasn't mentioned anywhere at all on this page. Well, ha! Until I get up the HighSchool part of the Fiends page, he has to be happy with this picture.

This is a not so great picture of my parents at their 25th Wedding Anniversary a few years ago.

Here's a picture of my computer when it was set up in my dorm room a few summers ago.

This is Morgan, my RolePlay character on Miami By Night. You can also go to her homepage, the Indescribable Oneness of Being Morgan.

This is Regina, who I used to play on Start Your Engines: Indianapolis By Night.

This is the original artwork by Erik that I have framed, which was the template for my tattoo. Bonus points if you can explain its significance.

Perhaps you came to this page looking for pictures of costumes I've done or events I've been to within the SCA. That's on another page.

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