SCA/Costume Pictures

This was taken at the coronation of Andreas and Isabella, down in Plymouth Meeting, PA on September 30, 2000. This is Andreas and his Guard. Kerry (Fiona) and I did costuming for 4 of the Guard. 

This is a picture of Kerry and I at Coronation.  And here's one of Erik and I

My mom took a few pictures of me in garb with her digital camera. These started out a lot better quality but they've been bent, stapled, mutilated and spindled in email somehow. Hrm.  This is last year's court garb, and here's another shot of it. This is some Scottish-like stuff that's since gone out of use. 

This is a picture of my friends, Rob (Patrick) and John the Bear. Rob's on the left and I did everything he's wearing in about 2 and a half hours the night before Coronation.