Wedding Info

The wedding has come and gone, just as our first anniversary has passed this past May. I used to host a collection of pictures on another account, but the web server was turned off on that machine so I finally had the impetus to move it all over here. Click here for wedding photos.

Ah, yes. The Wedding...

I suppose this will be a page of what we've got so far, so here goes...

Who: Erik Soto and Lisa Hirschorn

When: May 5, 2001, 7 pm

Where: Hudson River Yacht Club, Brooklyn, New York

(I'm not quite sure why it's called the Hudson River Yacht Club, being as it's not on the Hudson River, but it's a beautiful site with an Indoor/Outdoor venue going on and a great skyline view and a fireplace and....)

She's Wearing... I ordered my dress through a bridal shop, mainly because I feel entitled to not have to sew it myself. Not that I couldn't, but it's one less thing I have to worry about it.

He's wearing... We still have to go to the Tuxedo place, but the idea is a victorian-inspired style to match my dress. Think English coats and ascots and Victorian foofiness.

The Bridesmaids dresses are going to be custom made by Me, probably in a "Dangerous Beauty" kinda Italian Rennaissance style. I thought about Victorian for the maids, too, but I think this would be (1) easier to make, and (2) much more comfortable for them. My sister Diane will be my maid of honor. I need to pick 2 more. *grumble*  

The groomsmen will wear tuxes similarly styled to Erik's, though we have tried to convince them that they want to wear Italian Renn and do the tights thing. So, English Victorianish it will be. I'm likely going to custom fit waistcoasts for them to exactly match the brocade tops of the bridesmaids dresses. The will be Erik's Brother Jason, my brother Paul, and our housemate Joe.

The Ceremony will be something short, sweet and mainly secular. The DJ/MOC has allocated about 25 minutes for the whole affair. We're looking at having a Universal Life Church Reverend marry us, but we're not sure if that's legal within NYC limits.

Unfortunately, we cannot invite all of our friends to the wedding, much as we'd like to. At present, we're looking at having to cut down a list of about 300 into a space that holds 200. We'd like to invite our friends who can't make it to the wedding to join us afterwards at the goth club Downtime in NYC for a "post-revel" to the wedding.  More details on this later as it becomes pertinent.

We have been planning to go to Disney for our Honeymoon for as long as I can remember. We presumed that we would go to DisneyWorld in Florida. Recently, we've been pondering going to DisneyLand in California instead so that we can spend a few days at the happiest place on earth, and then hop over to the Bay Area and see the sights, visit with friends and see how the other coast lives.

I'm sure I'm missing some critical information here. If you have a question, please email me and I'll be sure to add the info the site.

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